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HTML5 Release Notes

SmartBuilder v3 or v4?

Please note that this is the help site for SmartBuilder version 3.

The SmartBuilder version 4 Documentation and Video Tutorials can be found in the Help menu in the tool, or view the v4 Help site.

Here is a list of known issues with the HTML5 Converter Tool.  If you run into these issues, rest assured that we're working on it.

To add to this list, please report an issue using the Feedback link in the bottom of the Converter (we will update the list manually with highly visible bugs).


You can check back here to see if the issue has been resolved.


Known Issues

  • HTML5 lessons on PCs (Windows or Mac) do not scale.  On mobile devices lessons will scale to the width of the device.
  • Hotspots with 100 percent transparency can still be seen faintly. 769
  • Radio Buttons are anchored to the top in HTML5 but are centered in Flash. 142
  • Radio Buttons and Check Box objects use the browser's default style, and cannot be customized.  749
  • Videos have black bars above and below them as a result of the Video Controller only showing when moused over. 154
  • Radio Buttons and Check Boxes - you must click on the graphic, not the label. 376
  • Pages with many objects may take a few seconds to load. 6364
  • Shadow and Shadow Offset Graphic Effects differ in HTML5 output and Flash output. Shadow has the shadow stronger on the right and bottom and tighter to the object. Shadow offset is much tighter to the shape of the object.


Release 1.4.0

Key enhancements

  • Support for AICC (SCORM has been supported for a while)
  • Consolidated SCORM language packaging from translated content
  • Larger radio buttons and check boxes for easier touching on tablets
  • URL Data object now HTML5 compliant
  • A new “Array” object - allows authors to create and manage lists. For example, to create “back button” type functionality for randomized/branching content.
  • Limelight streaming media player now HTML5 compliant
  • Default HTML5 output file name changed from axon_player.html to index.html
  • SCORM > setScore sends both raw score and scaled score (v2004) with a single action


Key bug fixes

  • IFrame scaling fixed (made the same on Mobile and Desktop)
  • Input text works with number pad
  • Input text > getNumber ignores extra spaces
  • Radio Button horizontal setting works better (word wrap is closer to Flash version)
  • Cookie object returns empty string if there is no cookie
  • Page Controller > getGlobalVariables fixed
  • SCORM > getSuspendData fixed
  • SCORM 1.2 Manifest no longer shows error messages
  • Number variables rounded to hundredths place (e.g., 3.14 instead of 3.14159265359)


Release 1.3.0

  • 508 / screenreader support in HTML5 output.
  • Bulleted list line breaks are more consistent across browsers. 858
  • Question Sets with multiple attempts fixed.  881
  • Drag and Drop Alignment, Reset Incorrect, and Reset All methods cleaned up.  866
  • Drag and Drop Move All to Correct method fixed to no longer automatically show feedback. 896
  • Menu's Allow Skip Ahead functionality fixed.  867
  • Radio Buttons can be reset to initial state (setSelectedIndex = 0). 885
  • Graphics brought in from PowerPoint import no longer invisible in HTML5 output.  890


Release 1.2.2
  • Improved page scaling on mobile devices.
  • Improved the line objects to make them appear much closer to their Flash counterparts.
  • Responses set up in False nodes of the Flow Chart behave as expected.
  • SCORM calls fired when a lesson is first launched (such as retrieving a bookmark) no longer send requests before the lesson has initialized.
  • Bullets take the color from the text that they accompany.
  • The Menu object no longer goes directly to the page when using the "setSelectedIndex" method (useful for showing checkmarks in the menu when using bookmarks.
  • Text hyperlinks working as normal now.
  • Radiobutton and checkbox groups no longer show extra line spaces as html line breaks <br>.


Release 1.2.0

  • IFrame supported!
  • Error report generated when unsupported objects are detected in the lesson! -
  • Scrolling text works on Firefox.
  • Bullets no longer always default to black.
  • Input Text default text now displays appropriately.
  • Conversion process can now be cancelled.


    Release 1.1.0-1

    • Cookie object added - can now save and retrieve cookies.  735
    • Certain lessons were missing images when converted, this has been fixed.  616
    • "Input text > contains" method now works in the Flow Chart in Chrome. 654
    • Drag and Drop object improved so that drag items can be placed anywhere on a drop zone. 766
    • Flow Chart no longer has visibility complications when later nodes are set to Start Visible. 768
    • Flow Chart looping bug fixed.  774
    • Flow Charts with a deleted Question Set at the beginning no longer breaks the action engine.  773
    • Flow Chart condition with CB answers no longer goes to correct feedback too often.  754
    • Responses stored in the Else node of  Flow Chart no longer fire when you go down another path.  748
    • Responses stored in the Flow Chart no longer cause the Flow Chart to hang.  763
    • Can click through Text objects to the objects below (hotspots, buttons, etc).  761
    • Timer objects stops at 0 when counting down.  726, 745
    • getLastDropZone now reports accurately when item is dropped outside a drop zone.  760
    • Fixes to the HTML5 Converter interface to allow View Lesson to work with SCORM.  757, 734
    • Bulleted text no longer defaults to black.  742, 755