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How to use the SmartBuilder HTML5 Converter

SmartBuilder v3 or v4?

Please note that this is the help site for SmartBuilder version 3.

The SmartBuilder version 4 Documentation and Video Tutorials can be found in the Help menu in the tool, or view the v4 Help site.

  1. Select the Published lesson in SmartBuilder that you want to convert and click Download.
    Download the lesson
  2. Choose SB3 source package and click the Download button
    choose SB3 source package
  3. Save the SB3 file to your desktop.  You can rename if you'd like.
  4. Open the SmartBuilder HTML5 Converter.  If you don't have it installed yet, get it from here - SmartBuilder HTML5 Installation Instructions.
    Open the converter
  5. Click Browse to find the SB3 file and select it.  You can also choose a SCORM option if your lesson has SCORM calls.
    Click Browse
  6. Click Generate HTML5 to create the HTML5 package.
  7. Once the process has finished, you can view the lesson or open the folder to view all the files, which can be uploaded to the web.
    You can view the lesson or open the folder
  8. If you have a SCORM compliant lesson, you can select all the files in the folder and zip it, then upload it to your LMS.
    Select all the files, right-click and add to compressed

    Do not be alarmed if you get this message - it simply means that one or more of the automatically generated folders is empty, which is a common occurance.
    empty folders are okay

View the supported Features and notes here - HTML5 Support by Feature.