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HTML5 Converter Installation Instructions

SmartBuilder v3 or v4?

Please note that this is the help site for SmartBuilder version 3.

The SmartBuilder version 4 Documentation and Video Tutorials can be found in the Help menu in the tool, or view the v4 Help site.

      1. Click the download button below.

        SmartBuilder HTML5 Converter
             version 1.4.0

      2. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please uninstall the old version.  You can find the uninstaller in the Start > SmartBuilder Tools folder.
        uninstaller location
      3. Save the file to your desktop.
      4. Extract the zip file by right clicking and choosing Extract All...
        Extract All...
      5. Double Click on the inst.exe file.
        Double Click setup.exe
      6. If prompted, click Run.
        Click Run
      7. If you are upgrading from a previous version, click Yes when prompted to overwrite existing files.
      8. Click Next and follow the instructions to install the SmartBuilder HTML5 Converter on your computer.
        Click Next and follow the instructions
      9. Now find the SmartBuilder HTML5 Converter in your Start Menu, and run the program.
        Find the Converter in your Start menu
      10. The Converter will open and be ready to use!
        The HTML5 Converter is ready to use!
      11. Learn how to use the Converter here - HTML5 Converter Usage Instructions.