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SmartBuilder v3 or v4?

Please note that this is the help site for SmartBuilder version 3.

The SmartBuilder version 4 Documentation and Video Tutorials can be found in the Help menu in the tool, or view the v4 Help site.

A template is pre-built content that can be inserted onto any page of a lesson. Templates consist of all the objects on the page and their associated interactions from the Flow Chart and Action Panel. Templates provide three main benefits:
  1. They can be used as a starting point to accelerate the development process because most of the required objects and interactions are included in the template.
  2. Users can learn how to set up various types of interactions and presentations from the examples that templates provide.
  3. Templates can be used to promote consistency of layout, look and feel, and even functionality (see linked templates).

Users with the appropriate rights can create new templates.


  • Provide descriptive names for your objects and actions before saving your template to make them more usable for someone less familiar with the interaction.
  • Templates can only be one page in size, so if you want to templatize a multi-page lesson, consider making a template for each page within the lesson, and using a naming scheme to suggest using them together (for example: Multiple choice quiz page 1 of 3, Multiple choice quiz page 2 of 3, etc).
  • Be explicit with your objects on the page.  (For instance, rather than leaving a text object named "Text object 6", edit the name to be "Caption for intro picture text" so that the guess work is taken out of what you indended to do with your objects on the page.