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Menu with Pages

SmartBuilder v3 or v4?

Please note that this is the help site for SmartBuilder version 3.

The SmartBuilder version 4 Documentation and Video Tutorials can be found in the Help menu in the tool, or view the v4 Help site.

This object will automatically create a list of the pages from the Lesson.  You can customize the look and feel of this object using the Properties panel and Text Toolbar.

More often than not, this menu will be located on the Master Page.

Setting up the Menu Widget:

After placing the menu object on the Master Page, you will need to set up the following actions:

Trigger: Page Controller > onPageChange
Response: Menu Widget > setSelectedPageIndex > Page Controller > getPageIndex

This will update the Menu Widget, even if a means other than itself is used to change pages.  If a "next" button is used to advance the lesson then we still want to Menu Widget to show a checkmark.

Trigger: Menu Widget > onSelection
Response: Page Controller > gotoPage > Function > Menu Widget > getSelectedPageIndex

This will allow the user to click on the items in the menu to go directly to that page.

Note: You can check the Allow skip ahead checkbox in the Properties panel if you want your learner to be able to use the menu to go to pages ahead of their current page, or clear the checkbox if you want to only allow them to use the menu to get to previously viewed pages.

A more customizable menu that allows topics, customizable skins, and selecting which pages are part of the menu can be found here.