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Import a PowerPoint

SmartBuilder v3 or v4?

Please note that this is the help site for SmartBuilder version 3.

The SmartBuilder version 4 Documentation and Video Tutorials can be found in the Help menu in the tool, or view the v4 Help site.

You can import all the text and regular graphics from a PowerPoint file into a new SmartBuilder lesson.  It will bring in all the text, preserving size, color, and location.

The following items will not be imported:

  • Font
  • Shapes*
  • Certain graphics (like clip art)*

* To bring these into SmartBuilder, you can Right Click on the object, and choose "Save as Picture".  Then upload the resulting PNG or JPG file into SmartBuilder!

To Import a PowerPoint:
  1. Save a PowerPoint lesson with an extension of ".ppt".
  2. In the Work In Progress > Lessons folder, click Tools.
  3. Choose Import PowerPoint.
  4. Select the PowerPoint that you want to import.
  5. Enter in a new title or any Meta-data.

A new lesson will be created in your Work In Progress > Lessons folder.