The Logic Panel

The Logic panel can be found at the bottom of the stage and houses the Action List, the Flow Chart, the Options Panel, which shows contextual details depending on what is selected in the afore mentioned Action List and Flow Chart, as well as the Variables Panel.

development panels

Action List

The Action List contains all of the actions you have created, and allows you to edit the triggers, responses, and conditions of those actions.

For more detailed information regarding the Action List, click here.

descriptive action name

Flow Chart

The Flow Chart is used to set up the sequence in which groups of content (Display Sets or Question Sets) are shown and hidden on the page.  Branching conditions can be included in the flow to show different content based on whether or not certain conditions are met.  The Flow Chart can often help you to create content more quickly and intuitively.

For more detailed information regarding the Flow Chart, click here.

sample flow chart

Options Panel

The Options panel enables you to configure elements of the Action List and Flow Chart.

The Variables Panel

The Variables panel allows you to create three variable types: number, text, and true/false.

For more information concerning variables, click here.

variable panel