Video: Translation Process

This video will show you how to create translations for your lessons, export text to get translated, and then import it back into your lesson.


  • Open the lesson.
  • Prepare your lesson for translation using the information from the Translation Tips video.
  • Go to File > Translate.
  • Create new Translation(s).
  • Save and close your lesson.
  • Go to Work In Progress > Lessons.
  • Select the lesson, then choose Tools > Export Text.
  • Select the language you wish to download.
  • Do not edit the lesson until after you have imported the text back in.
  • Use Excel to update place the translation in the Modified Localization Text column.
  • Do not modify any hidden column or rows.
  • Save the spreadsheet.
  • Back in SmartBuilder, use Tools > Import Text to bring the text back in.
  • Use the File > Translate tool to replace any images, video, or audio used in the lesson.