Translating and Re-Purposing Content

The translation feature allows you to create alternative versions of a lesson containing different text and media, while maintaining a single source version for all other elements of the lesson such as layout and interactivity. In other words, you can maintain the basic functionality of a lesson, but re-purpose the content for different audiences.

This can be useful if you need to translate a lesson to another language. It can also be useful if you need to re-brand a piece of content for a different audience.

SmartBuilder does not automatically translate content.  Rather it allows for easy translation, or content manipulation, to be done using a translation manager.

There are two ways of using the translate function to make different versions of the same lesson:

  1. In the SmartBuilder interface:  The main advantage of this approach is that you can manage media and hyperlinks in the target versions.
  2. By exporting text to an Excel spreadsheet:  The advantage of this approach is that the edits can be made outside SmartBuilder using a desktop application with which most translators are familiar.

Watch the videos here!


    Assign translators

    You can add or delete translators from lessons.  This can be done in the Work In Progress or Published folder (however, see Note below):

    1. Select the lesson that you wish to add or delete translators from.
    2. Click Manage.
    3. Select Translators.
    4. Select the translation language target that you wish to add a translator.  For more on translations see here.

    From the Edit Translators window you can Add or Delete translators, provided you have the permissions to do so.

    Note: In order for a translator to view the translation, there must be a Work In Progress version of the lesson.


    If someone has been assigned as a Translator, they can view the lessons that they have been assigned from the Home Window > My Assigned Tasks > Translate Folder.
    Once there, they can select the lesson they wish to translate and click Open to view the translation panel.  They can only edit or replace the following:

    • Text (edit)
    • Graphics (replace)
    • Audio (replace)
    • Video (replace)

    Exporting text to Excel

    After creating one or more target versions, that version can be exported.  Select the lesson you wish to export from the Lessons Folder on the Home Window.  Then click on Tools > Export Text, and select the target version you wish to export.

    This will generate an Excel Spreadsheet (.xls) with the source text on the left and target text on the right.  After translating or modifying the text, you can re-import text back into the lesson using Tools > Import Text.  After importing the spreadsheet, a version of the lesson including the new text will appear in the owners' Work in Progress list.

    Exporting text is useful if you have a translation team, or use a translation service, since they do not need to log in to SmartBuilder and learn the interface in order to make changes.

    However, you cannot specify new media (graphics, audio, etc) in the .xls document.  Media can only be changed in the SmartBuilder Translate window.

    Using the SmartBuilder Translate window

    Open the lesson you wish to translate and select File > Translate from the main toolbar.  This opens the SmartBuilder Translate window.  Create a new target by clicking on the plus icon by the Target pull down menu.

    From this dialogue box, you can choose from a list of target languages or create your own target label.  You can create multiple targets.
    At this point, you can start translating or changing the text and media.  The source is in the left column, and the target is on the right.

    Editing the text and media directly in SmartBuilder provides the following benefits:

    • You can specify different media for each version
    • You can make minor edits quickly
    • You can track progress using color-coded indicators that show what has been translated and what needs to be done


    Watch the videos here!