A course is a bundle of lessons. When a course is imported into an LMS, the LMS will typically provide a page with links for launching each lesson. For offline or non-LMS course delivery, SmartBuilder generates a course wrapper that provides an interface for launching lessons. The course wrapper is generated in HTML and can be edited using a standard HTML editor.

Example of a course

There are a number of higher level course management activities including creating new courses as well as opening and deleting them.

Most of the important lower level functions are carried out on the Course Edit window.

To start a review cycle, or other Workflow tasks, please read more on the Workflow.

Course Edit window

When a Course is open in the Course Edit window, you can add or remove Lessons and folders from the Course structure on the left.  If a Lesson is selected when adding a Lesson or folder, the new item will be added after the current selection.  If a folder is selected, the Lesson or folder will be added as a child to that folder.

From the Course Edit window, you can Preview the lesson, access the Meta-data, or open the lesson to edit it using the buttons pictured below.

You can also Add or Delete owners from Lessons, folders, and from the Course itself.

Similarly, you can Add or Delete Reviewers from a Lesson, folder or the entire Course.