The Home Window

The Home window provides a starting point for all major functions in SmartBuilder.  When you select a node in the Home Tree, the Selection List and Toolbar buttons will populate with items relevant for the selected functional areas.

When SmartBuilder is first launched, it displays a Welcome Screen instead of the Selection List with recent content, common tasks, and resources.  It can be accessed again by clicking on the Home folder at the top of the Home Tree.

At the bottom of the Selection List is the Details Pane, where you can view the full Title, Meta-data description, Date modified, Owners, and preview Snapshot of the content that is selected (lessons require you to use the Snapshot button when previewing the lesson).

Open a Lesson

  1. Click on the Work in Progress > Lessons node OR the My Published Content > Lessons node.
  2. Select the lesson to be opened in the selection list.
  3. Click Open in the main toolbar.

TIP: You can also double-click to open a lesson from the Work in Progress > Lessons node.

Preview a Lesson

  1. Select the lesson to be previewed from the appropriate selection list.
  2. Click View OR click the preview snapshot of the lesson in the Details Pane.

  3. Close the preview window by clicking the button in the upper right of the window or clicking the Close button.

Publish a Lesson

To publish a lesson from the Home Window:

  1. Click the Work in Progress > Lesson node.
  2. Select the lesson to be published.
  3. Click Manage.
  4. Select Publish.
  5. Complete the Publish Lesson window fields as desired. (None are required.)
  6. Click OK.

NOTE: Lessons can also be published from the Authoring Stage.

Templates folder

home tree focusing on templates folder

For adding content, and managing permissions and folders, the Templates folder works similarly to the Shared Library.

Typically you will access this folder from the Templates panel while authoring, and not from the Home Window.  To learn more about this and other functionality, read the main section on Templates.

The Shared Library

You can share your content with others in two different ways:

The Shared Library contains content that is accessible by multiple users within an organization.  Content in the My Content section of the Home Tree is not accessible to other users.

Organizing the Shared Library with Folders

Note that many users will not be able to add or edit folders within their Shared Library.  This is due to permission settings.  Please contact your manager or Suddenly Smart if you do not see these options, but feel that you should.

Uploading to the Shared Library

You can upload files and lessons directly to the Shared Library to save a step.  If you already have content uploaded into SmartBuilder, you can alway drag and drop the content into the desired Shared Folder without re-uploading.

User Group Permissions

Permission to read and write content in a Shared Library folder is assigned to groups of users rather than individual users.

Permissions to create and edit folders are only available to users with the appropriate system rights.

To assign user group permissions to a folder
  1. On the Home window, select the Shared Library folder to which you want to add user permissions.
  2. Click Folder.
  3. Click Permissions.

Work-in-Progress vs. Published Content

Please view the main page on Published and Work in Progress here.