About third party lessons

Third party lessons are those created by another program that are imported into SmartBuilder.  There are virtually an unlimited number of programs and thus file types that can be used as third party lessons.

When uploading a single file, such as a PowerPoint file, you do not need to specify a launch file.  Likewise, if you are uploading a SCORM compliant package, you do not need to specify a launch file.

When a third party lesson relies ona local file structure, and sources several files, you will need to zip those contents into a single .zip file.  Said .zip files require that you specify a launch file.

Different file types will be treated differently by the SmartBuilder system.  Certain programs will allow you to export documents in a number of ways.  You may want to test out different exported file types to find the type that fits best with your needs.  For example, if you upload a Microsoft PowerPoint file, the course will launch the file, ask if you want to open or save it, and if you choose to open it, it will display in its own pop-up window.  However, you can export the PowerPoint content to an .html format, zip the folder contents, specify a launch file, and the content will display within the course wrapper just like a native lesson.