Using Question Sets within the Flow Chart

Question sets behave different from Display sets in the Flow Chart. While you add displays individually to the Flow Chart, you add entire question sets at once to the flow.  This is because a question set controls the sequencing of the individual questions within it.  When linked in the Flow Chart, a Question set includes the following functionality:

Report a Score

  1. Select the Question set in the Cast, then select the Scoring property.
  2. Change the weighting of the question as desired, then check the Automatically submit score to LMS upon completion check box.  If you created the quiz from a template, this may already be checked.

The lesson will submit a normalized score (0-100 scale) to the LMS once the question set is "complete".  When the question set is complete will depend on the question set's properties.  For example, if you edit the Sequence property to randomly show three questions from a pool of four questions, then the Questions set is considered "complete" after the third question has been submitted.  You can "submit" a question a number of ways (eg. on a button click, on an expiration of a timer, on first selection of a radio button or hotspot, etc.).  For more information on submitting a question, click here.

The Correct Answer Feature

The Correct Answer check box in the Record Condition panel tells the question set scoring mechanism to count that condition as a correct answer.  Conditions that are marked as a correct answer are represented by a green condition node .  Conditions that are marked as an incorrect answer are represented by a red node .